Financial accounting and reporting services

Fair and consistent accounting of an enterprise is definitely a key to success. Would not it be great if Your financials were managed by highly qualified and experienced specialists? It is possible with Finarima! For any reason, in order to save Your time and money, Finarima will efficiently care about Your business` accounts and bills registration; fixed assets, fuel, and warehouse accounts; cash register and advance recording; wages and taxes calculations; bank accounts recording. Furthermore, Finarima will consult You on how the financial and tax systems work in Lithuania, so that You and Your business feel safe here.
According to Your requirements, Finarima can also prepare internal financial statements, such as income statement, balance sheet, consumer and supplier total liabilities calculations, statement of cash flow, and annual financial statement for the year ended.
Financial accounts and statements are quite complex procedures regardless of the business direction or industry. Finarima financial specialists will efficiently and effectively help You in all these operations, including primary financial documents and statements and liquidity statement preparations. Finarima has a capability and experience to deliver the resolutions to any financial questions to move forward and to achieve the sustainable results.
Time costs a lot. In order to save it, contact Finarima!