Business credit brokerage service

  • We perform an initial evaluation of companies’ financial and economic standing, identify companies’ financing needs and choose the most appropriate financing options;
  • We represent companies in credit institutions, registered in the Republic of Lithuania, while ascertaining the financing possibilities for those companies. On behalf of the companies, we prepare all the documents necessary for credit institutions for the adoption of financing decisions;
  • We consult companies regarding the conditions of credit and pledge/mortgage or other assurance contracts;
  • We assist companies in reorganising the structure of their current financial obligations, we explore and assess refinancing possibilities;
  • We help companies prepare for future access to financing: identify targets and results in order to be eligible for the financing of a certain type or amount.

This is beneficial for companies as:

  • Companies save their time;
  • The most appropriate financing instrument, meeting companies’ needs, is chosen for the companies;
  • We prepare information for credit institutions promptly and in a highly professional manner and, therefore, decision-making takes less time;
  • In most cases, the least costly (taking into account all financing costs) financing option is chosen.